Watch D.O.G.S

Northside Welcomes Watch D.O.G.S. to School

Northside will continue to welcome Watch DOGS (dads) and Mom's to work in the classroom with children, assist in the lunchroom and at recess, patrol the halls and promote family relationships. To ensure a positive experience for all, Northside will ask the following rules be followed:

1. Notify the school at least three days before the planned day of attendance.

2. Parents may be asked to assist in similar grade level rooms.

3. No cell phone use

4. Adhere to Northside's rules and regulations including dress code and respectful attitude

5. Complete a survey in the office at 2:50pm

There is a calendar for the school year in the Gymnasium for you to sign up on. Please note that when you sign up make sure there isn't already two people signed up on the same day. No more than two parents can be signed up on the same day, and only one parent per grade level on the same day. If you have any questions, please contact us.